Monday, July 21, 2008

Post #7--Update on Last Update--by Tsuki Bear

It looks like I spoke too soon.

So I've had this sinus infection since Friday and I had to stay home from church because I was so gross and stuff. Basically I'm on cold pills right now.

So my mom gets me into the doctor's this afternoon, but I have work until four, so I have to call and reschedule for earlier this morning before work, and after my chiropractor appointment.

Sounds good, eh?

Well, as my mom and I are sitting in the parking lot to the second doctor's, guess who I see get out of a car with his mom?

If you guessed Jim, you're right.

Maybe he's going to a different office? After all, Cherry Tree has a lot of offices...Nope, he goes into the same one I'm going to be entering in.

I turn to my mom for help, and she just shrugs and says we could wait a bit.

I will not be chicken! I will face him.

So we go in the office. He has his nose buried in a car magazine, so he hasn't seen me yet. So I sit down with my back to him. My hair is a mess, so hopefully he won't recognize me.

So far so good.

Then I get a text saying, "Are you at the doctor's office?"


"Yes," I say.

"Look behind you." SHOOT ME NOW! I look anyways. He looks up from his magazine and smiles at me. Right now, I just want to DIE and get out of there ASAP.

So the whole time we're at the doctor's, he's texting me.

Okay, so maybe it wasn't that bad but still! What are the odds that we'd have the same doctor?

Oh, I forgot one thing.

He tried to do something with me today, but I told him that it wouldn't work, so maybe Wednesday. He'll be out of town.

--Tsuki Bear

PS Yes, guys I do have a life. I have a job, and I do a lot more then sit on the computer all day. I just seem to have a more dramatic life than that of my friends who are supposed to be helping with these posts, but aren't :P Luv u girls


Q said...

...or maybe we'd be contributing if your stories weren't so darn exciting! However, I know that Chelsea has had some boy drama if she wants to put it up.

Tsuki Bear said...

How are mine more exciting? >.< Ugh. Jim is getting way annoying. He called last night after I had taken a sleeping pill to help fix my sleeping problem. I told him not to call me but he did ANYWAYS. Gah, I want to slug him. And I'm not the only one.

Chelsea! If you're reading this, go ahead and post! I added you to the writers list.