Monday, July 14, 2008

Post #5--Top Ten Things One SHOULD NOT Do On A Date--By Tsuki Bear


10. When going to a movie, DO NOT make out during the movie, even if are you in the back row. Not only are you being rude and inconsiderate to others who wish to watch the movie--not you!--but you are wasting your date's (or your) money by not watching the movie.

9. When going to the pool, DO NOT wear a swimsuit that covers you the least. This is being inconsiderate of your date. Plus, everyone knows what a butt looks like; we don't need to see yours.

8. When arriving at your date's house, DO NOT just honk the horn and wait for them. Go to the door, and get them.

7. When driving to the destination of your date, DO NOT keep your destination a secret (unless you have already told your date you have a surprise for him/her)

6. When going out to an orchestral/choral concert, DO NOT bring your own food if they say not to, especially pop. These things are loud and can cause distractions for others who wish to listen.

5. When going out to dinner, DO NOT eat like a pig, or like you will never eat again. It is disgusting and impolite. Its also disgusting to see food smeared all over your face.

4. When taking your date on a ski/snowboarding trip, and they don't know what they're doing, DO NOT: 1) Laugh at them 2) Leave them in the dust OR 3) Purposely knock them over. This is not fun for the other person, and it will result in you never going on a date with that person again.

3. When going out to dinner, DO NOT order the most expensive thing on the menu, then not eat it. You are wasting money, and good food.

2. FOR GUYS: When going to your house with your girlfriend/ a girl, DO NOT immediately sit down in front of the TV to watch sports, or play video games unless she is going to play them with you, or watch it with you. She is there to do something fun with you, not to watch you act like a boy!

1. FOR ANY REASON UNLESS IT IS AN EMERGENCY (i.e. family crisis, family illness, house is on fire, etc.) DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DATE BEHIND. This is extremely rude, and if you are a guy, you will mostly likely get slapped.

--Tsuki Bear


Q said...

I'll keep that in mind. :)

Tsuki Bear said...

Yes, these things are very annoying, though I'm yet to experience all of them lol (I've only experienced a few. The orchestra one was my mom's worst date)

Chelsea said...

lol, also don't try and propose at pizza hut. That was my neighbors worst date :)

Tiana ba Llama said...

haha, I am proud to say that I don't think I've done any of those things...yet. Hopefully it stays that way. ;) We'll see how tonight goes, though.

Amber said...

Yes! This needs to be given to all guys! lol

Rose Valentine said...

Hhahah okay. I will keep these things in mind.

Krosemarie said...

Good advice!!!! I will have to commit this stuff to memory!!!