Saturday, March 28, 2009

Post #23--Talking to Guys--by Tsuki Bear

The concerns of being a girl range from make-up to hair to school to work to clothes to fashion...the list goes on and on and on. The list is never ending, and varies from girl to girl.

But what is the one worry that every girl in the world shares?

Talking to that cute/hot/drop-dead-sexy boy in school.

It proves to be a huge problem for all of us. Whether they are your homework partner or just a cute face in the hall, it is nearly impossible to think of what to say to them when confronted in a non-school oriented topic.

So what to say?

One thing is for sure: guys love talking about themselves. My best advice would be to play 20 questions with him. Ask him questions about himself. What's his favorite candy? Where was he born? What's his favorite color? Does he play a sport? Get to know him. The only catch is this game is a two way street. You ask the first question, now he needs to ask you one--and it can't be the same one you just asked. (Yes he can ask it later; your favorite color is just as important as his) Once you find something you have in common (let's say, favorite movie is Batman) then you guys will probably get off on a long tangent about movies and things will just start flowing. Trust me, this really works.

If it doesn't work, then it means the guy is a loser and you need to move on.

What not to say?

If he does play a sport, don't ask him about if his team won or lost during their last game. When guys talk about sports, it's either a) a very short discussion and you'll quickly lapse into an awkward silence; b) if the team won, he will only talk about how great he is for winning the game; or c) if they lost he'll rant and rave and get mad about how stupid his team is and how it's so-and-so's fault they lost.

Don't ask about his previous relationships, or current. For a lot of guys, previous relationships are sore spots, so don't even mention them. As for current, chances are it's likely a sore spot for you, and the last thing you need to hear is how great his girlfriend is.

Don't ask him about his grades. If he is not doing well, he will get embarrassed, and that's an ego bruiser. If he has great grades, most likely he'll brag about them, especially if he's super smart.

--Tsuki Bear