Saturday, July 12, 2008

Post #4--Top Ten Reasons to Hate/Love Your Period--by Tsuki Bear


10. You're the biggest grouch on the block--yes, even more grouchy then that old lady down the street who yelled at you because you walked on the sidewalk in front of her house.

9. No one wants to talk to you because you are a grouch. (Maybe its better that way?)

8. You are constantly running to the bathroom every three hours to take care of things. If you don't, you have a crisis on your hands

7. If there is no available pain killers, life sucks for you--and anyone in the same vicinity

6. You're bloated

5. Your hormones are everywhere. One minute the guy in your math class is super hot and the next he is the biggest ugliest jerk

4. There are only so many chick flicks you can watch before you get sick of them

3. You eat a lot of junk--which goes straight to your thighs/stomach/whatever

2. You can't wear nice clothes (i.e. white anything, cute shorts, skirts, swimsuits, etc.)

1. Guys just don't understand how much of a pain in the butt (and hips, etc.) it is!


10. You can start bawling at the drop of a hat--which can get you out of pretty much anything (example: that date you don't want to go on?) (problem: if the guy is desperate enough, he will remain clueless)

9. You can watch as many chick flicks as you want, whenever you want (problem: with gas costing $4 a gallon, driving to and from Blockbuster is costly)

8. You can listen to as much girly music as you want (problem: how many times can you listen to Ashlee Simpson, Kelly Clarkson, etc. before you get tired of their whining?)

7. Taking bubble baths becomes your past time (problem: once you run out of bubble bath...)

6. Romance novels are suddenly very interesting (problem: they're only good while you have the unwanted visitor)

5. That guy in your math class is super hot...and he's staring at you (problem: maybe he's staring because you have a zit on your face...?)

4. You can eat all the junk food you want (problem: that junk food is later found on your thighs, butt, hips, etc.)

3. You can wear clothes that make you look like a slob and you don't care (problem: someone might think you really are a slob, and it might turn off that hot guy in your math class)

2. Facial masks feel so good (problem: you are only using it because you might break out anytime!!)

1. Its a good week to spoil yourself (problem: spoiling sometimes leads to over spending)

--Tsuki Bear


Q said...

I'm still going for the "hate" side of things. Does that make me a pessimist?

Tsuki Bear said...

No, not really. I was just posting the good and bad things--mostly bad, hence the problem part

Ham said...

I defiantly agree with everything you wrote and me too I'm on the hate side of things!

Annie World said...

OMG love the blog... interesting