Saturday, July 5, 2008

Post #3--So There's This Guy...--Tiana ba Llama

Haha, a lot of things start this way. ;) But it's true! Anyway, I'll get on with it. So there's this guy that is really kind of cute (*ahem VERY attractively cute), but I've never been able to talk to him. Well, it's not entirely my fault; he doesn't seem to talk much, anyway. He and I are both kind of shy people. He's my new uncle's youngest brother, and he's only about a year or so older than me; I met him at the wedding a few months ago. Well, saw him. Anyway, my aunt and uncle are both trying to "set me up" with him (they are convinced we'd make a very cute Prom picture, and I sort of agree :D), and they wanted me to come with them to Idaho to meet him and spend some time with him. Sounds great, no? One slight problem: the week they are planning to go is the week I go to camp. AUGH! Isn't that horrible?? So I can't go. :(

I really want to get to know him, but yeah, the fact that we live in two different states does kind of complicate things a bit. We tried to get him to come down in May, too, but that didn't exactly work out because of graduation stuffs that were going on at the time. *Sigh, oh well. Maybe some other time. I can always hope... ;)


Q said...

Long distance relationship, baby!

Tsuki Bear said...

OMG! Why didn't you tell me about him sooner! LOL

Q said...

I know, Tsuki. I was kind of annoyed myself... :P

Ham said...

That really sucks but I'm on the same page you just have to deal with it!