Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Post #25--Dating Don'ts: Two Big Mistakes Woman Make--by Tsuki Bear

I found this article on a favorite web site I found called Here is the following article I would love to share with you guys:

"There are definitely perks to being single, but most of us are on a mission or at least hoping to one day meet Mr. Right (myself included). However, I'll admit I've made plenty of mistakes when it comes to dating (and not just in choosing the dbags I thought I liked). So I was dying to ask Christian Carter, dating expert and author of “Catch Him & Keep Him”, what the biggest mistakes are we make when it comes to guys and dating because I

Christian: There are 2 big mistakes women make and it's a "must" for them to avoid:

1) Not getting how ATTRACTION works for men, and how to create it. - If a man meets a woman who's smart, interesting, beautiful and has her life "together"... it doesn't mean he's going to like her, be interested, or be interested in more than just a casual thing. Men don't pick and choose to be interested in one kind of woman or another. A man's interest is captured or triggered by the magic emotion we call ATTRACTION.

If a man feels that intense ATTRACTION for a woman at a deep level, then there's almost nothing she can say or do that's going to keep him from wanting to be with her.

On the other hand, if a man DOESN'T FEEL that intense level of attraction for a woman, it doesn't matter how great of a person she is, or how much better of a partner or girlfriend she would make for a man... the man won't "feel it" for her.

A great example of this is how some men, who could choose from lots of different women who might be single and available, end up dating women who generally DON'T have their act and their life together. Lots of women see this and wonder what men are thinking. The reality is that with all the pros and cons that could and should be weighed in a man's mind, the single most important factor that decides whether a man will want to be with a woman or not isn't her resume or where she's at in her life. It's the level of ATTRACTION he feels for her, and if she continues to make him feel that attraction.

2) "The Instant Relationship" (Thinking and talking "relationship" too soon) - In my CD/DVD program "Meeting The One" I talk about how lots of men can meet a woman and have an incredible time on first meetings and the first few dates. But there's one thing that's guaranteed to spoil it when a man is just starting to think "Hey, this woman could really be the one." And that's for a woman to start talking about and/or asking for a committed and exclusive relationship within the first few dates or weeks.

Lots of women chalk men reacting this way to talking about the "Relationship" to men being afraid of commitment. I have found over the years that men, once they recognize a great woman and feel attracted to her, are as much or MORE interested in a committed relationship as women. That is... as long as a woman is not asking for or DEMANDING a relationship from the man and pushing too hard. When a man hears or feels that a woman is wanting or needing a relationship from the start, he will respond by feeling less open to the idea, and that spark of attraction will quickly shift and fade in the man." POSTED BY BRETTE BOROW

--Tsuki Bear


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