Thursday, June 25, 2009

Post #24--He's Not Interested?--by Tsuki Bear

For those of you who have ever watched "He's Just Not That Into You" you'll find a simple truth that we all know as girls. We are taught at a young age that boys who act like jerks like us! But is it true? I hate to break it to you girls, but really, most of the time it's not. If he's mean, then he's not interested.

But how can we know if they are?

Well, there are three things that can possibly happen on a date with a guy:

  1. He could really like what he has come across, so much that he would love to see you again.
  2. He could think you're a nice girl, and fun to be around, but you're not what he's looking for
  3. He could be bored and would rather poke himself in the eye than see you again.
If it happens to be 2 or 3 chances are he will treat you nicely, which is what he should do.

If it happens to be 1, then here is how you can tell:
  • INTERESTED: Before the date, you may catch him staring at you, or smiling at you. He will try to make small talk, like telling you funny stories about his weekend. He does this to figure out if YOU are interested and if he should ask you out.
  • NOT INTERESTED: Before the date he rarely, if ever, speaks to you, smiles at you or even pays attention to you. To him, you're about as interested as his mailbox.
  • INTERESTED: While on the date, he looks at you and makes direct eye contact A LOT. Often he will compliment your attire, and smile at you a lot (again). Sometimes he may get brave enough to "accidentally" brush your arm or shoulder.
  • NOT INTERESTED: While on the date, he walks ahead of you. He'll look around at other people--other girls--at his feet, at his plate, anywhere but you. He might even fall asleep during the movie.
  • INTERESTED: He openly shares things about himself: his life, his interests, high school memories, etc. He will ask questions about you, and will answer your questions honestly. He's comfortable around you, meaning his body language is open, such as leaning towards you, arms uncrossed.
  • NOT INTERESTED: He won't attempt to make a lasting conversation, meaning there are a lot of awkward silences. He tries to make you do all the talking, so he doesn't have to.
  • INTERESTED: He says things like "on our next date"
  • NOT INTERESTED: He talks about past relationships and why he doesn't trust women anymore
  • INTERESTED: He will ignore his phone while he is with you. Better yet, he might turn it off and leave it in his car.
  • NOT INTERESTED: He will be constantly texting, or interrupting with phone calls.
  • INTERESTED: He will try to extend the date. If you just saw a movie, perhaps he'll ask you to get dinner with him. If you just had dinner, perhaps a movie, or a game of mini golf.
  • NOT INTERESTED: He constantly checks his watch, yawns and stretches like he's bored, and says "sorry to cut this short..." Really, he's not sorry.
  • INTERESTED: He'll be a gentleman and walk you to the door, he may even hold your hand. He'll possibly linger a bit, hoping for a kiss. Or two.
  • NOT INTERESTED: He'll drop you off at the curb/driveway with a "Nice to meet you!" and take off as soon as you're out of the car. Or, if he's a gentleman, he'll walk you to the door and leave you with a "Nice to meet you!" and take off.
  • INTERESTED: He says he will call you and DOES the very next day, or even the same night. He'll tell you that he had a great time on the date and would like to see you again.
  • NOT INTERESTED: He says he will call you, but doesn't.
  • INTERESTED: He'll want to see you no matter what.
  • NOT INTERESTED: He'll make up excuses
  • INTERESTED: He'll ask questions about your life, your dreams, etc. He'll try to get to know everything about you, and he'll remember everything you say.
  • NOT INTERESTED: He's practically half there, if that. He'll repeat questions that you've already answered.
--Tsuki Bear


Georgie K. Buttons said...

He's a little bit of both, sometimes.

Tiana ba Llama said...


YAY for mixed signals! ;) :P

Tsuki Bear said...

Mixed signals could mean he's undecided. Or, it could mean he likes you, but he doesn't want a serious relationship

Tiana ba Llama said...

HA ha. Or he likes me but never wants to speak to me ever again.

You have some uncannily good insights, Tsuki Bear. :)

Tsuki Bear said...

I don't deserve ALL the credit Tiana ba Llama :P I do my research