Monday, February 9, 2009

Post #22--Surviving the Break-Up--by Tsuki Bear

Life is perfect. You have a rock star boyfriend who practically rules your world! But then life gets the best of you and he dumps you!! (Or maybe you dumped him).

So, now what?

I've been through a lot of break ups. Being the dumpee sucks just as much as being the dumped. The best way to get through this? Well, putting yourself in a deep depression is not the answer. I've got a list of things that just might help you survive the break up blues.

  • Rule #1: As Melissa Cantor said in her novel The Break-Up Bible "Thou Shalt Not Insult Thy Ex". Girl, if you want to stay friends with this guy, the worst thing you can do is start making him look like the bad guy. Chances are, you both are at fault for the break up. Instead, look at what things you didn't like about him, and write them down on a piece of paper. That way next time you're on the boyfriend market, you'll know what you're looking for.
  • Rule #2: Keep talking to him, but keep it light and casual. Don't get mean and insulting. If you're too angry to talk to him, then don't.
  • Rule #3: Revenge will not solve anything. I know it is so much fun to entertain ideas of pantsing him in the halls or smashing his car to pieces, but is it really worth that? It makes you look like the bad guy. I've got one word for this: KARMA. He'll find out how it feels eventually.
  • Rule #4: Don't hurt yourself. If you need to vent, get a pillow and hit it or scream into it.
  • Rule #5: Talk it out. Talk to someone you trust (not your Ex)
Now, the suggestions of what to do now:

  • Suggestion #1: Put together a playlist of your favorite songs. Make sure they are happy songs! No break-up songs. No songs that make you cry. Put on songs that make you smile! My "smile song" is called "Smile" by Vitamin C. Find that one song that makes you happy and dance in your room or sing it at the top of your lungs until you can't anymore.
  • Suggestion #2: Pamper yourself. Do your nails, wash your face, get a new hair cut, go to the mall!
  • Suggestion #3: Hang out with your girl friends. There is no better time to hang out with your girlie pals than now. Chances are, they've missed you.
  • Suggestion #4: Confidence is key. If you have to, write I AM AMAZING/BEAUTIFUL/WHATEVER! over and over and over again in a notebook. Boost your confidence. I know it looks like you're full of yourself, but it helps you feel better about yourself.
  • Suggestion #4: Get active! Start a good cardio work out or try martial arts
  • Suggestion #5: Stay busy. The busier you are, the less you'll think about him.
Well, I hope I've been of some help. For more information about break ups, visit

--Tsuki Bear


Georgie K. Buttons said...

I'll keep this in mind for the future...if I ever get the chance. ;)

Q said...

I likes the new background.