Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Post #21--For Guys--by Tsuki Bear

So recently I received an email about a blog for guys to help them understand girls. I understand that many of the male recipients of this email were very displeased. I understand, and I apologize for that. I did not personally read this blog, but from my understanding, it was not at all fair.

Girls, here is the fact of life. We cannot ask guys to understand us. It is not fair to them, nor is it worth the head ache for us. So give it up. He will never "understand" you. We will never "understand" them!

Guys, since this blog is for you, here is what I do ask: please, be considerate. If you think we look nice, please tell us. But if we don't, please DO NOT tell us. This will hurt our feelings. Don't tell us if we're fat, ugly, or if we have a zit on our face. Chances are we already think this and we don't need a boy (or anyone else for the matter) confirming it. Girls have a hard enough time with their self esteem as it is.

Please treat us like girls, not like your guy friends. If we wanted to be treated like a guy, we'd be a guy. Simple as that. But also, don't treat us like dirt. Just because we are a different sex does not mean we are aliens from Mars. This much should be a given, but sadly, not all guys know this. Or if they do, they pretend not to.

If we are in a bad mood, I'd suggest you do the following: do not ask, because then you will suddenly become part of the problem whether you signed on to be or not.

When it comes to impressing us, we don't care what kind of car you drive, or what sport you play, or how buff you are. Those of us who do care are most likely not worth your time. Just be yourself! It's been said that guys expect girls to be themselves; we expect the same. So what if you think that you're a dork? There is a girl out there who will think that you're not a dork, and that you are absolutely amazing!

Honestly, I could write a novel on this, but since I don't have space for a novel here, I'll stop now. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section and I will attempt to answer them. No, I am not Dr. Phil so I can't help improve your love life.

--Tsuki Bear


FiddleWiz said...

And guys - please, for the love of all that's good and beautiful in this world, RESPECT US! Be gentlemen; call to make sure we got home safely, call just to say hi, always open the door for us, give us your jacket, or whatever. But never treat us like dirt.

Anonymous said...

ok I am going to take a stand for the male gender... I think that if girls want to be treated like a million dollar girl they need to act like one and also they need to respect the male gender. I see girls all the time rip on guys and treat them like crap and then wonder why more guys don't do cute things... I guess what I am trying to say is , do unto others as you would have other do unto you. But I have come to the conclusion that there are two types of guys: totally amazing, make you smile guys and then there are perverted guys :P you just have to find the right guys

Tsuki Bear said...

Very true. I'm not dissing on guys at all in this article; I'm just saying that we can't expect them to understand us. We don't understand them, so why should they understand us? It's not fair to them if we expect that.

Terra Shamil said...

I sent that link to that blog... sorry if that was annoying... It's just a blog my friend writes and I wanted to share it.

Terra Shamil said...

Btw, here's my blog, with a couple posts on it already: