Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Post #15--Our Monthly Visitor--by Tsuki Bear

Yes, I know I have discussed this before, but here I am again, discussing the matter that all girls must go through.  BOYS, IF YOU ARE READING THIS, STOP RIGHT NOW. DO NOT CONTINUE ANY MORE. THAT MEANS IF YOU HAVE GOTTEN THIS FAR YOU'RE AN IDIOT AND YOU'RE BRINGING THIS ON YOURSELF!

Anyways. So, we all know how our period goes. It happens once a month and brings along a bad attitude, cramps, a craving for anything and everything in the house, raging hormones and a lot of crying and feeling sorry for yourself. Face it girls, its not a fun week. But I have some ways to make it better.

Heating Pads: Heating pads are a miracle, especially when it comes down to cramps. I use the one at home all the time. If you don't have an available heating pad, use a corn bag, which works equally as well (even though you have to warm it up more frequently then a heating pad)

Drink lots of water!: Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! This will help reduce cramping! Drinking a lot of water before and during your period will not cause you to bloat up. If anything, it will actually make you feel better. If you get tired of drinking water, drink Gatoraid. Those electrolites taste really good when you're dehydrated.

Eat less salt: Salt meet water. Water meet salt. BAM! Its called osmosis, or diffusion. Salt and water are literally best friends, but not when you're on your period. Eating salt  on your period is part of what causes you to bloat. So instead, eat pretzels with no salt, carrots, or something that has sugar instead.

Avoid Caffeine: Caffeine will contribute to bloating and cramping. Don't have it. This means laying off on ANY soda with caffeine (Sunkist, Coke, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, etc.) (Yes, Sunkist has caffeine in it!), coffee, and CHOCOLATE. I know that chocolate makes you feel better around this time but leave that candy bar on the counter (or hidden) until its over.

Lots of sleep: The last thing you need during this time is lack of sleep. This will add to your crankiness. Please do us a favor.

Light Excersize: By doing Yoga, stretching, walking or swimming, it pumps blood through your body, which will cause less cramps. Even if its just dancing around your room like you're crazy. But don't go out running, or go rock climbing. This is too strenous, and can cause other leaks.

Eat a banana: Bananas carry potasium, which is needed in your body. Try eating some throughout the week (unless you're like me and can't because you're allergic)

Pain Pills: So you've done all the things I suggest, but nothing is working. Try taking some pain medication. They sell some at the stores specifically designed for menstral cramps. I know that this definately works when all else fails.

These are just a few suggestions to reduce cramps, and make things better over all. If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to post a comment. Thanks for reading!

--Tsuki Bear


Q said...

Carry ibuprofen around in your purse. You never know when you or someone you know may need it.

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Thanks to Riley for always having Ibuprofen on hand. She's a lifesava!