Friday, August 15, 2008

Post #11--Idea--by Tsuki Bear

So I have an idea I would like to fly by every reading this (girls and boys included...mostly girls...okay just girls!)

I have decided that I'm going to write a book about understanding (okay, trying to understand) the male species. Originally I planned to do this with my friend Amy, but it seems we have had a slow start (no start) on this what-so-ever. So, my plan is this: find someone who is savvy with a camera, and go around the mall (school or somewhere) and ask random guys questions about why they do things, etc.

If you think this is a good idea comment right now! I mean NOW! Click on that button down there, yes, right there that's right, and comment. If you don't know which button I'm talking about, I mean the one that says X# comments.

If you are willing to contribute to this, also comment.

--Tsuki Bear


Q said...

I'm too shy to go ask guys questions, but I'd love to compile the work if I have time.

Chelsea said...

Lol, I LOVE that idea! Do something like every saturday go to somewhere and ask either the same question to everyone, or ask alot of the same questions every week :)
Lol, this is awesome :D

Tiana ba Llama said...

Good idea, it sounds like fun, but yeah, I'm with Q on the shyness thing. :) Plus, I don't have a video camera, really. :P

Anonymous said...

sounds funn
I wish I understood them.
I dont think we ever will "/.

Amber said...

I so love this idea!!! :D