Monday, June 30, 2008

Post #1 --BOYS/MEN/MALES--By Tsuki Bear

I guess this first blog is for girls. But guys, please do read this seeing as all girls probably share my frustrations right now.
Ok, so here's what's going on. This old friend of mine, let's call him Jim for now, really really likes me. I used to like him, up until he started dissing on my best friend (also a guy, let's call him Cade, who I had started to like a lot around this time). Eventually, Cade becomes my boyfriend. So then things get complicated, and Cade walks out of my life--for good, thinking it would be better for me--and I decide that I'm done with boyfriends for now. Well, Jim didn't really get that, so I told him to hit the road and we should just stay friends. Well, he gets all angry, we fight, and we haven't talked for two months.
At least it was that way until Saturday night, June 28, 2008.
He calls me and says that he misses me, yata yata yata, and he wants to see me on Monday. Well, two o'clock in the afternoon comes rolling around, and he's still not here. Oh well. Anyways. He called Sunday. He keeps saying that he doesn't like being the "middle man" as he so put it. Basically he wants to be more then friends, or nothing at all. I told him he could either be my friend, or hit the road.
Anyways, back to Monday.
So I'm hanging out with my best guy friend, let's call him Shane, at the Library. Or, actually, I'm waiting for him to get his butt there. So I'm looking at a book when my phone starts ringing and it turns out to be Jim calling me. I answer it.
"Hey," he says.
"Hi," I say, unenthusiastically.
"Are you home right now?" he asks (NOTE: he ALREADY sent me a text message asking this same question, which I replied: No).
"No," I say.
"Oh. Where are you?" he asks.
"Oh, I'll come find you then." SHOOT! I had to open my big mouth right? So I guess part of this disaster I brought on myself. So I bolt down to the basement to wait for Shane.
We meet up, and he finds out about Jim coming, and that pisses him off. This guy is practically stalking me for heavens sake.
So then Jim shows up. He looks the same as he did two months ago--tall, darkish blond hair, blue eyes. Only difference is he's tan.
He starts trying to talk to me--actually, Shane. I have tuned him out, and he's talking about guy stuff--cars, Scout Knots, etc. And he WON'T leave! So I text my dad, asking him to bail me and he does. He asks me to come home and switch laundry. He then said that I could go back and meet Shane at the park (since it is the last time I will see him for a long time). It worked.
Or, at least it was working. I was pulled out of a parking space, and getting ready to drive off when WHACK! Something hits me from behind. I put my car in park and look behind me. There's a car.
This old lady gets out and starts saying that we need to go talk to the police. I give them my side of the story (seen above) and she agreed with it.
At least until the traffic officer took over.
She changed her story, making it seem like we were both at fault. And since I'm the little minor, they bought her story. She claimed she wouldn't file against me, but if she does I'm going to be SO mad. I've already been in one accident (my fault) and my insurance has already sky rocketed.
And to end my bad day, I had to leave Shane (who I will not see for a while) and go to work, because no one could take my shift. *sigh* At least I like my job, and it seemed to put me in a better mood.
I actually got lucky and was able to go to the park after work and see Shane before I left.
But still! Does anyone know what to do about stalker wanna-be ex-boyfriends? I talked to one of the waitresses at work, and she said to ignore his calls, his texts, etc. It doesn't work with this guy. He will keep calling, texting, whatever, until he gets a hold of me. It sucks like none other.
Anyways, I am now done with my ranting. If you have any suggestions, please post a comment.

Yours truly,

Tsuki Bear


Q said...

I always knew "Shane" was a freak. :P

Tiana ba Llama said...

Shane's not the stalker, it's Jim...

Tsuki Bear said...

Yes, Jim is the stalker

Q said...

Shane is still a freak. :P

Tsuki Bear said...

Only sometimes :P

Q said...

Most of the time. :P